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Be Fashionable and Fit! Monitoring your health in real-time!

According to, a heart attack is the main cause of death for many people. Therefore, it is very important to have a device that is able to monitor your heart condition. But how far can this device actually help you? This powerful device can not only inform you about your heartbeat but also detect various health problems. In a simple word, the heart rate is how often your heart beats in a minute, the number can be influenced by many factors.

What is a Normal Healthy Heart Rate?

Regardless of whether you are an athlete or not, knowledge of a healthy heart rate can be very helpful if you want to closely monitor your fitness level and even detect various health problems. Simply put, heart rate is the number of times your heart beats in 60 seconds and it varies from person to person. By knowing your own normal heart rate, you can easily measure whether you are in good health or not.
One thing to remember about heart rate is that your heart will change constantly as you get older. Sometimes the heartbeat will indicate that something requires medical attention. If you are worried about something, you should seek professional medical advice.

What is Heart Rate?

Heart rate is one of your most important vital functions and as previously iterated, this is the number of times your heart beats in 1 minute. However, heart rate can be influenced by several factors and varies throughout the day. In addition to your normal heart rate, you also have a resting heart rate, which represents the heart rate you have if you do nothing at all. Once you begin physical activity, your heart rate goes up to deliver more energy and O2 to your system.

But it's not just physical activity that can increase your heart rate. Adrenaline, a powerful hormone, has a major effect on your pulse. That's why, when you're scared, your heart rate increases very quickly. It indicates that your body is preparing to use more energy and O2 in the fight or flight reaction.

How do Smart Watches measure heart rate around the wrist?

The heart rate monitor is based on a hard to pronounce technology called photoplethysmography, but it basically involves using green LED lights in combination with light-sensitive photodiodes to illuminate your skin and measure changes in light absorption.

This allows the device to detect the amount of blood flowing through your wrist at any time. Because blood is red, it reflects the red light and absorbs the green light.
The sensor is designed to compensate for low signal levels by increasing both LED brightness and sampling frequency. That's why the heart rate sensor on the back of the device flashes the LED lights hundreds of times per second, allowing the device to calculate the heart rate accurately.

But when it measures your heart rate every ten minutes, the watch switches to infrared light. And if it fails to provide an adequate reading while using the infrared light, the device switches back to the green LEDs.
In order for the sensor to work as advertised, the watch must be close to your skin. The company recommends that you tighten the strap in case the sensors do not read your heart rate accurately.

All in all, the heart rate sensor in the watch is a great feature, especially if you are a fitness enthusiast. It monitors your heart rate during workouts in the at-a-glance overview of both intensity level and heart rate changes over time.

Measuring your heart rate with the help of the Smartwatch

If you want a truly accurate heart rate measurement, using a smartwatch monitor will give you the best results. Most heart rate monitors today not only give you an accurate measurement of your heart rate, but they can also store the readings for later use or help you keep track of your activities such as a fitness session and send you a text message or email with notifications.

As you can see, there are many factors that affect your heart rate and if you notice that your heart rate is consistently high or low, it is best to contact your doctor immediately. By doing this, you will be able to see what condition is affecting your heart and consider the right treatment to get it under control.
This is crucial because having continuous readings of your heart rate in the Health app is indispensable in correlating your workouts and your heart rate. In addition to heart rate measurement, the watch collects other data to provide an estimate of the number of calories burned.

Apart from the heart rate sensor itself, it can use other sensors depending on your activity. For example, indoors, the Watch indicates that it is using its built-in accelerometer.
But go outdoors and the Watch starts using the GPS in your phone, if available, to track your activity with great precision to give the most accurate estimate of calories burned. The Watch learns enough about your gait to accurately track workouts without a phone.

Blood Pressure and Oxygen Monitor

The built-in blood oxygen meter does not require accurate monitoring of the blood oxygen saturation and pulse to avoid having to go to the hospital cumbersome. To detect family and their physical condition anytime, anywhere. Can effectively prevent danger. If you encounter hypoxia, the first time oxygen and the chance of the onset of the disease is significantly reduced.
It is the first blood pressure watch on the market. It is good for tracking fitness and activity.

The product is made of different materials and colors, follows the fashion trend, makes you very confident because of its beautiful appearance. In the traditional movement of the built-in optical blood pressure of the step ring, heart rate sensor, real-time blood pressure and heart rate recognition! Monitor your health in real-time.

Thanks to the find my phone function, you don't have to worry about missing the phone again when a mobile phone is outside the valid Bluetooth distance (6m-10m) with the device. The smart band will vibrate to remind you.
Continuously monitor your daily life within 24 hours, work 5 days with one charge, it's really convincing, fast and your closest partner.

All in One

  • Heart rate
  • Blood oxygen
  • Blood pressure measurement
  • Fatigue measurement
  • Steps
  • Energy consumption
  • Daily mileage
  • Sleep monitoring
  • Call ID
  • SMS reminder
  • APP Reminder
  • Sedentary remembrance
  • Alarm clock reminder
  • Search phone
  • Drink water Reminder
  • Social software, SMS information shows support for displaying 50 words on the screen of the bracelet


  • OLED display of 0.66 inch
  • Waterproof smart bracelet
  • Dynamic and static blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen;
  • Pedometer, Calories, Distance, Telephone search, Sleep measurement, Call / SMS reminder. Alarm notification
  • BT connection, support Android 4.4 or higher and IOS 8.0 or higher mobile phone.
  • Real-time information synchronization information on the mobile side, message up from QQ, Wechat, Facebook, Twitter reminder;
  • Three-day weather and temperature reminder.
  • Built-in most popular heat sensor can calculate the next 3 days weather conditions and temperature.

This smartwatch health can help you lose weight and maintain your fitness goals, can provide the motivation of a personal trainer, the insights of a sleep therapist and you can even count every in and out calorie.

The fitness and health functionality of these devices can help you keep track of your daily fitness schedule and help you achieve your weight loss goals. Be in shape and be fit! This is the latest in the smartwatch industry: an all-in-one wristwatch that monitors vital signs of your health. To become healthy and well-being is a dream for every person, and this beautifully elegant device can definitely help you.

Buy these for your loved one - change their lifestyle, this amazing device can even measure your blood pressure and blood sugar level.

Package Includes: Blood Pressure & Heart Rate Monitor Smart Watch

1x Smart Watch
1x Charging cable
1x Manual

Specifications: Blood Pressure & Heart Rate Monitor Smart Watch

Screen size
0.66 inch
Screen type


Connection parameters Bluetooth 4.0BLE (low power)
Battery type lithium polymer battery
Battery capacity 110mAh
Charging method Magnetic suction type
Charging time 8 days and standby for 15 days
Lifespan Yellow
Language English, Dutch and 12 other
Material Front shell Powder metallurgy
Back shell ABS + PC
Strap Silicone
Data Stored for 7 days

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