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Tired of throwing away money on wasted products that won’t come out of your bottles?  Do you want something to help you get every last drop inside of those bottles?

You love to buy products in a bottle, it can be a dishwashing liquid, shampoo, hair conditioner, shower gels, or bath scrubs and when it’s about to be empty you can’t squeeze the bottle enough to get the rest of the drops and you end up throwing them away and basically throwing the portion of money you used to buy them. You simply hate wasting anything!


Who would want to waste the stuff they bought especially with hard-worked money, right? That’s why we would like to introduce to you our BottleFlip™ Bottles Stand Cap, it's a small thing that has big contributions especially for saving purposes and lessening waste at home or for personal use. 

Stop any waste you might possibly have with the help of BottleFlip™ Bottles Stand Cap NOW


Fighting with bottles is now a thing of the past!

Fret no more with BottleFlip™ Bottles Stand Cap, the fast, easy, and fun way to get every drop out of most bottles — with no more pumping, shaking, or pounding. Works like magic for most creams, lotions, condiments, or other thick liquids that come in a plastic screw-top bottle.

The BottleFlip™ Bottles Stand Cap lets you completely empty your bottles, keeping pollutants out of the environment while NOT wasting water rinsing bottles out. Not only will you get every drop you’ve paid for, but you’ll feel good knowing you’re making an important difference to the

Stop Throwing Your Products (And Money) Away

According to Consumer Reports, up to 25% of household products are wasted because people can’t get them out of the bottle. But not with BottleFlip™ Bottles Stand Cap. This simple solution makes it easy to get every last drop and stop throwing away money on wasted products. It’s perfect for almost any cream, lotion, condiment, or liquid that comes in plastic bottles.

You’ll Love BottleFlip™ Bottles Stand Cap's Smart Design

BottleFlip™ Bottles Stand Cap comes with several adapters that screw into the Dispensing Stand, allowing it to fit almost every size bottle around the world. What’s more, it’s made of 100% BPA-Free, food-grade materials… and even features a leak-proof valve design!

✅ Saves time and money

Bottle Emptying Kits help save time, money, and frustration getting every last drop of product out of bottles - As Seen on Shark Tank

✅ Less stress when the pump dispenser quits

Replace it with a BottleFlip™ Bottles Stand Cap! Great for thick liquids including shampoos, conditioners, lotions, condiments, and syrups


✅ Eco-Friendly

You may be shocked to learn that the bottles you “recycle” are likely ending up in a landfill. That’s because bottles with products left inside (like soap, ketchup, lotion, etc.) are often NOT recyclable! But BottleFlip™ Bottles Stand Cap helps empty your bottles completely, making them recyclable and helping you to make this world a better place.

✅ Fits any bottle 

The set comes with several adapters that screw into the Dispensing Stand, allowing it to fit almost every size bottle around the world. What’s more, it’s made of 100% BPA-Free, food-grade materials… and even features a leak-proof valve design!

✅ Eliminates the need for funnel kits

Use BottleFlip™ Bottles Stand Cap to quickly transfer liquids from one bottle to another with an easy dispensing valve!

✅ Over 600+customers love it! 

We have sold over 600+ units of BottleFlip™ Bottles Stand Cap in a month across 5 different countries and our customers love it! We have had repeat customers buying in bulk. We know the demand so we are offering our product at a 30% discounted price than the other generic bottle caps. We have limited stocks left, so take advantage of this offer now before it is too late!

How To Use It:

Step 1 - Remove the bottle's original cap or pump when it becomes difficult to get out the remaining product.

Step 2 - Determine which parts fit your bottle. It could be the dispensing standalone, or in conjunction with an adapter. If using one of the adapters, make sure the correct-size gasket is inside, then twist the Adapter onto the bottle.

Step 3 - If using one of the Adapters, make sure the correct-size gasket is inside, then twist the Adapter onto the bottle. GASKETS AVOID LEAKS!

Step 4 - Make sure the XL gasket is inside the Dispensing Stand and twist it onto the Adapter or directly onto the bottle.

Step 5 - Lightly tighten the BottleFlip™ Bottles Stand Cap system, and press the valve tip closed before flipping the bottle. (Note: If the valve is open, bottles will wobble/fall over to let you know to close the valve.)

Step 6 - Flip the bottle upside down and stand it on a solid surface. Allow some time for gravity to move the product down into the BottleFlip™ Bottles Stand Cap.

Step 7 - To dispense the product, first pull open the valve tip.

Step 8 - Squeeze the bottle to get out the desired amount of product, then close the valve tip and keep the bottle standing upside down on the BottleFlip™ Bottles Stand Cap.


Due to the enormous popularity on social media, we expect to sell out quickly, so be quick, because we're almost sold out!

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