Interactive Mouse Bounce Cat Toy

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Does your cat ever scratch furniture? Scratching helps the cat stretch its muscles, but can also be an outlet of frustration caused by boredom or loneliness.

Thanks to this toy! This no longer applies to your cat!

This cleverly designed toy is electric and specially designed to combat loneliness and boredom, without having you to be there yourself!

Thanks to the random movements of the mouse, your cat will never know what is going to happen and it will remain a very exciting and interesting event that will stimulate all his senses and of course hunting instinct!

An Automatic Toy to free your hands

Let this toy entertain your cats anytime with its automatic feature. The cat toy is made from high-quality ABS material which is durable and resistant to scratches. The mice move randomly to add to your cats' entertainment and keep them playing longer. 

Cat toy is automatic which allows your cats to play even when you are away. Cat toy will stimulate your cat both mentally and physically for hours of enjoyment and exercise


  • Durable and resistant: The toy is made of excellent quality ABS material, which is very durable and resistant to scratch. This product has a long service, very perfect for cats, and economical.

  • More fun: The yellow mouse moves in 4-speed modes, SLOW/MEDIUM/FAST/RANDOM. It will change the speed from time to time, will keep your cats interested in this toy, and have fun. They will not have time to destroy and scratch the furniture.

  • Easy to use: Placed the toy on the floor or the table, and press the switch button, the yellow mouse will start to move on the track or hide in the tunnel. Cats can play with the toy themselves for quite a long time, and you can free your hands and have a rest.

  • Good friend for cat: When there is nobody home, toys can accompany cats to spend the boring time, helping them ease the unhappy mood and release the pressure.

  • Keep cats healthy: Playing with this toy can help your cats do more exercise, awake their natural hunting instinct, and keep them stimulated mentally and physically.

      Package Inluded: Interactive Mouse Pounce Cat Toy

      1 x Interactive Mouse Pounce Cat Toy

      Specifications: Interactive Mouse Pounce Cat Toy

      Material: ABS and Electronics
      Color: White

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